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Janet Velenovsky, CPDT, CDBC, KPA CTP, ACCBC
Animal Behavior Consultant

"I can live for two months on a good compliment." ~ Mark Twain


Clients' Comments

"I have a very high-energy, high-drive dog that can sometimes be difficult to handle on the agility course. Add my stress into the mix and it tends to be a recipe for disaster. Janet has a great way of having me work on calming my own nerves so that the nerves donít travel down the leash. Itís been highly effective for us to be able to work together as a team in a calm manner." 
- Mary Williams & Debo

"I've worked with Janet in both group & private lesson settings, in obedience & agility. Both my dogs and I have fun while learning - which is what it is all about. Janet always give her students her full attention and tailors the lesson to what is pertinent for the dog you are working with -- not a "cookie cutter style" lesson plan. Janet is a problem-solver and can think outside of the box, as she has had to do with my mini dachshund starting in agility! She can evaluate dogs' & owners' strengths & weaknesses, and develops a plan that is both fun & successful in meeting your goals, working through situations in a positive & rewarding manner.

"I truly believe because of the work I do with Janet, I have a better relationship with my dogs than ever before."
- Tracey Woodson, with Isabelle & Jasper 

ďI have a cattle dog mix that is easily distracted. With Janetís expertise and patience I have many different strategies to keep her focusing on me. This had helped us to become successful as a team!Ē
- Nicole Backus & Sydney

Comments from group classes

"Great tips on learning how dogs learn. I would recommend this class to my friends."

"Great class! Much improvement in my dog's behavior!"

"I enjoyed the class, especially Janet's awesome ability to communicate clearly and with such knowledge and compassion."

"Great job! I liked the energy of the instructor."

"I appreciated Janet's warm, knowledgeable, and incredibly respectful attitude toward everyone."

6th graders-after a dog safety talk

"That lesson on how to take care of dogs was wonderful. I liked how Kai did everything you told him to." - Alex

"Thanks for teaching me how to act around dogs. Recently I was babysitting a 3 year old and a 5 year old. A strange dog appeared out of nowhere. The kids were running and screaming. I told them to stop and the dog left very soon. If you hadn't come, I would not have known what to do." - Evan

"Since you came in, I have learned not to pet a dog over its head and I think my dog enjoys that. Now I am smarter and safer around dogs." - Kayla